Record of Shorwell WI Meeting February 2019

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We welcomed visitors Sylvia, Wendy, and Sarah to our meeting, as well as 25 of our own members. Lesley and Maria have birthdays this month, and were given cards. Everyone had enjoyed our New Year lunch, although some thought the venue a bit noisy. Our next event is hosting the annual Soup & Pudding lunch – we are expecting about 60 people for this, maybe more, now we have the advertising banner on the bridge over Shorwell Shute!

Barbara gave us an update from the Open Forum meeting she had attended, which included a presentation by our charity Young Carers, and details of the six courses on offer for our 2020 visit to Denman College. Hopefully some of our members will be able to attend this.

Ideas are welcome for an educational day trip, local or mainland, which our WI will fund.

The ‘Sheep of Shorwell’ event will take place again this Easter, and the craft group is planning to make a ‘WI’ sheep which will stand in the church. Our WW1 wall hanging will shortly be displayed in the Parish Hall – which is also a memorial to that war.

Our speakers were Sarah and Kelly from Cats Protection in Ryde, who spoke about the work of that society and gave some interesting insights into cat behaviour. We were able to present them with a big box of food and other items for the cats, and are hoping to visit the shelter in the near future.